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Tableau Desktop Specialist

Don't be at risk of being left behind! Get ahead of the curve and develop data analytics, interpretation, and visualization skills.  Become more competitive and meet the needs of data-driven enterprises.  Advanced analytics is a critical component o…

Tableau Desktop Specialist - Essentials

This free, self-paced data literacy course series is the first step in your journey to becoming a data analyst. Learn how to explore, understand, and communicate insights through data visualizations. At the end of this series, take the next step and…

TD testing

TD testing has an ongoing relationship with Microtrain to send candidates for testing at our Deerfield location.

UX/UI Foundations

Once you complete the course you will know UX research, UX design, and UI design; the basics that a JR designer needs to know to land a job. You will also have a full project and a portfolio. The course walks you through creating a portfolio as well…

VMware vSphere Certified Associate Boot Camp (5 days)

This 5-day course provides an introduction to the fundamental building blocks of VMware’s vSphere data center virtualization, products, technologies, and solutions within the VMware Cloud Foundation and Cross-Cloud Architecture, setting the foundati…

Zoom Test

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