Office Technologies Fundamentals

The Office Technologies Fundamentals program is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of technology. This instructor led program prepares participants for entry level employment. This program gives the student a working knowledge of basic Computer functions including computer fundamentals, Typing, Microsoft applications, business writing, organizations communications and e-mail etiquette. They will learn how to manage files and folders, use e-mail, and browse the Web with Internet Explorer. The keyboarding section is designed to teach the student typing skills along with a 3 day lab time to practice their new found skills. Each student will be provided a home version of this program to continue to enhance and improve these skills to their desired level. An introductory and intermediate level of the Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook applications are included as these are basic programs used daily in business environments. Searching the web will assist in job search activities as well as general internet functions, while email etiquette will teach how to create professional emails for any purpose. The business writing section will teach the students how to write business letters and reports as well as several types of proposals.  In the business communications section students will learn how to communicate effectively, overcome communication barriers, develop leadership habits and understand how communication flows within an organization. All appropriate courseware and practice software is provided to the student to aid in the development of these new skills.

Hours: 128 | Tuition: $3925.00  | Expenses: $75.00  | Total Cost: $4000.00

Available Courses for Office Technologies Fundamentals