What Our Clients Are Saying

Employer Partner Feedback

Dawn has been a pleasure to work with. She is diligent in her efforts to give MicroTrain’s students the best opportunities to connect and network with various companies and players in the job market. The curriculums and certification programs are in line with today’s current IT needs. It’s good to see that they evolve with what employers are most seeking out there. I would recommend to any employer that hires skilled IT workers that they look into MicroTrain’s career services department as a potential source of candidates. The business of hiring can be quite costly, and Dawn and her staff provide a free service to outside companies. This value-add for MicroTrain’s students aligns with their mission in both training and job assistance to set up a win/win scenario for all involved.

‑Scott Wilson - Team Bradley


Microtrain presents the course material in an interesting and concise manner. Microtrain gives the student all the resources necessary to pass the certification exams. Both the Chicago and Lombard facilities were excellent, and the staff goes to any length to accommodate any student changes.

‑Robert Graf

PMP Certification Training, November 2008

Thanks Microtrain for conducting a great PMP course that set me on a successful path to obtain my PMP certification. I have passed the test!
‑D. Easter

Recently Employed at Comcast

It means a lot to have a relationship with my Career Service Manger, and Elliott Esparza has been great to work with. We went over my resume, completed mock interviews, he kept me informed about positions that fit my skill set, gave me motivational advice...what else can I say, he has been great! I wouldn't have been able to get this job without his help! Working with Elliot definitely helped to open up more job opportunities and also gave me a fresh perspective on how I can improve my interviewing skills while I still was looking for work. If you want the best technical training, MicroTrain is definitely the school to attend. They have so much to offer their students: career services, resume workshops, hiring events, knowledgeable instructors, mock interviewing - their critical path tool is also an excellent resource. MicroTrain staff, instructors, and career services definitely go out of their way to ensure the success of their students.

‑Mery Castillo

Project Management

Great class, loved the interaction and team-building exercises. Plenty of materials and learning tools supplied. Although it was a full week's class, never boring. Donna [Russell] was awesome and gave many supporting examples for better understanding.

‑Karine Bucci

PMP Certification Training, Lombard, 2008

I was laid off for many months and not really getting many callbacks for my resume and no job offers. After I put the letters PMP on it, not only did I see an increase in quantity, but also quality of interviews. I had been spinning my wheels for 5 months, and after the PMP went on, I had 2 job offers in 6 weeks. It really was the "golden ticket"
‑Jean S.


The instructor [Al Khalfan] was very knowledgeable in the field. He presented the materials and concepts with a professional touch. He also frequently adds humor to his teachings, which made it easier for me to understand. The support staff was all nice, gentle, caring, and very helpful. The materials, rooms and amenities were excellent and exceeded expected standards.

‑Kaycee Ekufu

A Cisco Success Story

I attended a resume writing seminar & conducted mock phone interviews with a Microtrain career counselor. These two activities gave me a leg up on distinguishing myself from all the other people looking for work. Since the career counselor's at Microtrain had a track record of getting people hired, their insight and positive past experiences helped me tremendously in getting hired with a Cisco Voice Systems Integrator in the Chicago area. I was hired as a Cisco Voice Tech Engineer with a starting salary of $65,000 / year with a Cisco voice systems reseller located in the Chicagoland area. Microtrain was very instramental in making this a reality. From expediting my WIA grant, to providing excellent hands-on training from knowledgable instructors I was able to achieve becoming certified with my CCNP. Microtrain's career services was the final catalyst in connecting me with this company by communicating with them on my behalf and with me in setting up the interview. One week later and I was hired. No joke. Thanks Microtrain!


Very thorough, good mix of lecture and lab work. Al is great! Keeps classes interesting and supplements required test material with need-to-know items from real world experience.

‑Christopher Fowler

Student Employment Success - Project/Process Manager

My Career Services Manager was very friendly and helpful and had excellent follow-up. She seemed to really care how things were going and kept me moving in the right direction. The resources available in job search were great and the visibility that there were jobs out there looking for my skillset was promising. Additionally, the training, as well as having an updated resume stating the Microtrain course work I had taken made me feel more confident and marketable as I looked for employment. It showed that I was dedicated and took project management and process management seriously.


Benefit of Career Services

The biggest benefit of my time at Microtrain during this time was meeting Dawn Mondo. I attended a job fair held at the Lombard location but not a lot came of it. I accepted a position with from an outside company as a contractor, only to have the offer fall apart. I contacted Dawn and explained that the new position I had fallen through and that I had exhausted my unemployment benefits. Dawn stepped up and started calling her contacts and almost immediately found a new contractor. I was offered a position which resulted in the job where I’m working. This was a huge benefit. I cannot describe the help that career service has been to me. I had cast myself into an academic mold by staying at my former employer for far too long a period. I believe that when the contract position that I am working at ends I will be viewed in a new light. I have taken a number of classes through Microtrain and I like their hands-on approach. The feature of the employment services just adds to the benefit. If someone asks me to recommend a training center, Microtrain is always at the top of my list.

‑Jim Muzzillo

PMP Certification Training, 2008

Great training facility. Great instructors. Great experience.
‑Ron Cwik