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Benefit of Career Services

The biggest benefit of my time at Microtrain during this time was meeting Dawn Mondo. I attended a job fair held at the Lombard location but not a lot came of it. I accepted a position with from an outside company as a contractor, only to have the offer fall apart. I contacted Dawn and explained that the new position I had fallen through and that I had exhausted my unemployment benefits. Dawn stepped up and started calling her contacts and almost immediately found a new contractor. I was offered a position which resulted in the job where I’m working. This was a huge benefit. I cannot describe the help that career service has been to me. I had cast myself into an academic mold by staying at my former employer for far too long a period. I believe that when the contract position that I am working at ends I will be viewed in a new light. I have taken a number of classes through Microtrain and I like their hands-on approach. The feature of the employment services just adds to the benefit. If someone asks me to recommend a training center, Microtrain is always at the top of my list.

‑Jim Muzzillo

Project Management

Great class, loved the interaction and team-building exercises. Plenty of materials and learning tools supplied. Although it was a full week's class, never boring. Donna [Russell] was awesome and gave many supporting examples for better understanding.

‑Karine Bucci

PMP Certification Training, November 2008

Thanks Microtrain for conducting a great PMP course that set me on a successful path to obtain my PMP certification. I have passed the test!
‑D. Easter

PMP Certification Training, Lombard, 2008

I was laid off for many months and not really getting many callbacks for my resume and no job offers. After I put the letters PMP on it, not only did I see an increase in quantity, but also quality of interviews. I had been spinning my wheels for 5 months, and after the PMP went on, I had 2 job offers in 6 weeks. It really was the "golden ticket"
‑Jean S.

PMP Certification Training, 2008

Great training facility. Great instructors. Great experience.
‑Ron Cwik

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