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Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act

Get back to work by utilizing government funded training. Learn how to apply for the WIOA program, as well as valuable job search skills and valuable networking opportunities, by attending MicroTrain's FREE WIOA Seminar.

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Workforce training and services for the unemployed. MicroTrain Technologies, a WIOA provider.

Resume GAP Analysis

Resume Gap Analysis

How does your resume stand up to your target job ads? MicroTrain's newest resume analysis tools will help you find out! Get insight on the hottest skills and keywords and close that hiring gap!

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IT Career Pathways

Information Technology Career Pathways

Entry in the information technology field will typically require a four year degree in an area of study related computer science or computer information systems. In lieu of a degree entry into this field may be obtained through entry level support roles or (though rare) a demonstration of natural talent. With a four year degree one should be able to skip entry level support roles and move straight into a junior level role in a given discipline. Even this, however, is growing increasingly difficult without internships and/or a convincing demonstration of knowledge and/or skills. Internships, volunteer work and industry certifications are all great ways of overcoming any of these barriers.

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