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LinkedIn Headlines are More Than Just Job Titles

by Mary Toomey on July 17th, 2014
Do you know that little write-up below your name, on your LinkedIn Profile is referred to as your "professional headline"?
Are you still just using your non-descriptive boring title?  If so, you are missing out on a great personal branding opportunity to tell your followers how you can help them.   

The LinkedIn professional headline is one part of the profile that most people miss a great opportunity to promote their skills.  This is great news for the unemployed who often struggled what to put in this area of the profile.   Now everyone has an opportunity to advertise their skills and take advantage of the 120 characters to showcase their professionalism.   

The headline should be written like a newspaper headline, intriguing enough for someone to want to read more about you, which will compel them to link to your full profile.  The Headline is not just your job title anymore, use all of the 120 characters LinkedIn gives you to make yourself stand out online. 

Here are some helpful tips to write a professional headline:  

  1. Use Key Words:  Think of the Key Words that a recruiter would be searching for if looking for someone like you?  Embed as many Key Words into your headline.

      EXAMPLE:      Project Management, Manufacturing & Supply Chain  Executive, Six Sigma Black Belt.

 2. Think of how you help your clients.     Helping _____________ with _______________.

     EXAMPLE:      Helping Clients Find Solutions to Challenging Problems in Electronic Design, Test, Measurement and Fabrication.

 3. Entice your audience:  Be specific and talk directly to your target audience that will make them want to read more about you.
     EXAMPLE:     PMP Certified Project Manager - Known for Successful Leading Multi-Million Dollar Projects. 

Headlines are an important part of your LinkedIn profile. Your photo, name and headline follow you around LinkedIn wherever you travel around the site.   A good headline creates an opportunity for you to customize your Profile for personal marketing.  Using the right Keywords will increase the probability that your Profile will appear in a recruiters search for someone with those skills.  Construct a creative headline, a small change on your LinkedIn Profile can lead to a successful job search.

How is your LinkedIn profile?  Think you have mastered it?  Why not take a look at the Professional ME and score your LinkedIn profile.   This is a great tool for you to measure your Personal Brand.  

The Interview- of Doom

by Andrea Grabemeyer on July 3rd, 2014

Finally! What you've eagerly anticipated, the interview for the job of your dreams! But you want to make a good first impression right? Here's how...

1. Call ahead to the company that's interviewing you, and let them know who you are and what's going on. After introducing yourself, kindly and politely ask what is the preferred dress code at their place of business.Be one notch more formal than what they describe for the preferred dress code. Remember, you want to stand out, not blend in!

2. When you arrive 15 minutes early (hint), greet everyone, and remain professional at all times, (Yes, that includes the janitor). Most employers tend to ask about your interactions and behavior from their employees.

3. When meeting the employer for the first time, the rules are: A firm handshake, which consists of 2 pumps and release. Eye contact, but no staring. Sit up straight. It shows your confident and have a positive attitude.

4.Be prepared not only to be asked questions, but to have the interviewer answer some of yours! But do your research.

5. Only explain or discuss work related information. That goes for the interviewer too! Watch your language and never be too casual. Some Interviewers will try to be casual on purpose to test your professional integrity. Don't fall for it! Always, always keep your professional game face on!

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