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Microsoft Project 2013: Level 2


8 Hours
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This is the advanced course for Microsoft Project 2013 that expands on the topics covered in Level 1. Beyond simply creating a project plan, this course prepares students for the implementation phase where plans need to be regularly updated and modified to keep the project on track.

Who benefits from Microsoft Project 2013 Level 2?

  • Anyone who completed Level 1 and wishes to continue certification
  • Anyone with basic experience using Microsoft Project 2013 who wishes to acquire more advanced skills

About This Course

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Apply templates, convert a project file to a temple, and import data from other programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel or Access.

  • Create and update a baseline plan, track progress, mark tasks as being on track or completed, update actual start and finish dates and actual work performed, analyze costs over time, and use Network Diagram view to monitor progress.

  • Examine project statistics and task slippage to make effective rescheduling decisions, split tasks to indicate a work interruption, delay resource work on a task, shorten a task’s duration, resolve conflicts and inactivate tasks, and use Team Planner view to manage resources.

  • Create reports for review or sharing with project stakeholders, print project information and specify a date range to narrow the output, save a project in PDF and XPS format.

  • Create custom views, customize the Quick Access toolbar, automate repetitive tasks by creating macros, customize Gantt chart elements, apply bar styles, customize the timescale, use the drawing tools, create custom fields, and apply formulas and graphical indicators.

  • Consolidate projects by inserting subprojects into a master project, link tasks across projects, set project and task priorities, share custom elements globally and with specific projects, and use a shared resource pool.

  • Connect to a Project Server for team collaboration, share information with a workgroup using a SharePoint site, link tasks or resources to supporting information, export project information to office applications, and create an image of project information for sharing with stakeholders.

After this course, students will move on to Managing Projects using Microsoft Project to continue certification.


Exchanging Project Plan Data with Other Applications

  • Importing Project Information
  • Exporting Project Plan Cost Data to an Excel Workbook
  • Copying a Picture of the Project Plan Information

Updating a Project Plan

  • Entering Task Progress
  • Entering Overtime Work
  • Editing Tasks
  • Rescheduling a Task
  • Filtering Tasks
  • Setting an Interim Plan
  • Creating a Custom Table
  • Creating a Custom Field

Managing Project Costs

  • Updating Cost Rate Tables
  • Grouping Costs
  • Linking Documents to a Project Plan

Reporting Project Data Visually

  • Creating a Visual Report
  • Customizing a Visual Report
  • Creating a Visual Report Template

Reusing Project Plan Information

  • Creating a Project Plan Template
  • Creating a Custom View
  • Making Custom Views Available to Other Project Plans
  • Sharing Resources
  • Creating a Master Project

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