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Microsoft Project 2013: Level 1


8 Hours
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In order to plan a project, you need to gather information about the various tasks involved, resources required to accomplish the tasks, and the overall cost. This course covers the basics of Microsoft Project 2013, a tool that assists in managing projects.

Who benefits from Microsoft Project Level 1?

  • Anyone looking to build their project management knowledge with the help of a software
  • Any project managers looking for the right software to assist them in managing their projects

About This Course

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Discuss basic project management concepts and principles.
  • Identify project view options, interface components, and Gantt chart elements; create and save a project file.
  • Create and modify a┬átask list, using both manual and automatic scheduling modes; set durations.
  • Establish a Work Breakdown Structure, hide columns, set milestones, and format the sheet pane and the Gantt chart.
  • Link tasks to establish a project schedule, modify task predecessors, set lag time and lead time, add recurring tasks, work in Network Diagram view, modify task relationships, apply different task types, and set task constraints.
  • Create a base calendar and edit the working time, create a resource pool and a resource calendar, assign resources to tasks, create and apply a task calendar, enter source costs, and use the Cost table.
  • Work in calendar view and resource form view, add tasks to the timeline and format the timeline, work with tables and create tables, and display WBS outline numbers.
  • Apply filters, highlighting, AutoFilters, and custom filters; group tasks and resources, create custom groups, sort tasks and resources, and renumber a sorted task list or resource list.
  • Display the critical path and slack, edit effort-driven schedules to fine-tune a project, and resolve resource conflicts by applying both automatic and manual resource leveling.

After this course, students will be ready move on to Microsoft Project 2013 Level 2.


Getting Started with Microsoft Project

  • Exploring the Microsoft Project 2010 Environment
  • Displaying an Existing Project Plan in Different Views

Creating a Project Plan

  • Creating a Project Plan
  • Assigning a Project Calendar
  • Adding Tasks to a Project Plan
  • Entering the Task Duration Estimates
  • Adding Resources to a Project Plan

Managing Tasks in a Project Plan

  • Outlining Tasks
  • Linking Dependent Tasks
  • Setting Task Constraints and Deadlines
  • Adding Notes to a Task
  • Adding a Recurring Task

Managing Resources in a Project Plan

  • Creating a Resource Calendar
  • Assigning Resources to Tasks
  • Entering Costs for Resources
  • Resolving Resource Conflicts

Finalizing a Project Plan

  • Shortening a Project Using the Critical Path
  • Setting a Baseline
  • Printing a Project Summary Report

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