PMP Certification Leads to Career Advancement

How One Woman Successfully Learned New Skills and Changed Careers

Twenty years is a long time. Longer than most marriages. Longer than most college students have been alive. Twenty years ago, the FIRST George Bush was still president. Yes, a lot can happen in 20 years.


And these days, spending 20 years at one job is nearly unheard of. Which is why when Renee Fowler was downsized after working 20 years at the same company, she was stunned.

"I think I cleaned my house for three months,” Renee said. “After that, I spent weeks practicing my typing and trying to build a resume."

Renee applied for unemployment and tried to figure out how to regroup. After doing the same thing for twenty years, she didn’t think she could do much else until her case worker suggested she get some training through a grant. That grant led her to MicroTrain.

"I met with Ralph Logan and we talked about my experience. He suggested my skills would be better served by some project management training and enhancing my Microsoft Office skills. I started with Microsoft applications, and did some accounting software, all leading up to project management courses."

Renee never expected to have this much opportunity offered to her at once. It was even a little intimidating, being expected to be able to keep up in project management classes, so she threw herself into the computerbased training tools to prep for the class.

"I took a lot of tests and computer based training before and during my classes. They made it easier to understand the project management material which made me feel comfortable in the project management class."

But the training was only part of the story. Can you imagine how hard it would be to write your first resume in 20 years? That’s where MicroTrain came in again.

"I got a lot of help from people in the Career Services Team: Linda, Andy and Kassandra. Kassandra sat with me to help me update my resume and made me feel relaxed in preparation for the interview. Linda pushed me like a big sister would. She knew I could do it. She always encouraged me to try harder. And Andy showed me how to present myself to the online world. He told me to always be updating my resumes and which sites would work best for finding me a job."

"I never thought I'd be in a position like this. It’s all because of MicroTrain pushing me to achieve."

After 20 years of working one job, and another year of looking for a job and training, Renee hit the jackpot.

"In one day, I got two offers, thanks to all the help from Career Services and MicroTrain."

Renee chose a job in the financial sec tor at a major multinational bank.

"I never thought I'd be in a position like this, consulting as a business analyst. It's all because of MicroTrain, pushing me to achieve. I’m making a lot more now than I did in my job of 20 plus years."

Clearly, Renee knows the secret to success. "You need all of it. You need every piece of the pie to make it work. MicroTrain offers a lot to take advantage of from beginning to end. They were there for me before and during classes. Even when I needed to delay a class, I was always welcome to study in the labs. If you use the resources that MicroTrain offers, you'll make it."

But Renee isn’t done. Having learned what she’s capable of, she's still trying to do more. "I'm still studying for the PMP exam, which I should have by the middle of next year. It’s tough because I have a job now, which is a good problem to have!"

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