Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the health and safety of our students, visitors, staff and the community at large is our first priority. Social distancing is a must, as such Microtrain will be delivering courses using a remote live solution for all courses until further notice.

Now is the time for us to come together to support each other and tackle the challenges we are facing. Please let us know what we can do for you during this time; we’re always here to assist and help however we can.

We invite you to share your insights, ideas, and strategies with us at requests@microtrain.net.

Welcome to the Microtrain registration page for NSENG members. We are Chicago’s largest training organization and we are partnering with NSENG to help job seekers to obtain training certifications that will help upgrade their skills and marketability for new career opportunities. Through the federal government’s Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA), we can help you obtain free training across a broad array of topics ranging from 1 day to 1-week programs. These are classes that span subjects such as: Lean Six Sigma, project management (PMP), IT management, Microsoft computer networking, Amazon AWS, Azure, Business Analysis, programming languages, computer software, etc. To learn more about our offering and how you may qualify for free training, just complete the form below. I also welcome the opportunity to review your resume and offer training suggestions that you can leverage in your job search. You can e-mail your resume or handbill to: chunigan@microtrain.net

As a fellow NSENG member, I also welcome the opportunity to connect with you on LinkedIn:

EMAIL: chunigan@microtrain.net PHONE: (630) 981-0207

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