About this Course

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to manage an existing Microsoft Project 2016 project plan.


You will be able to:


  • Update a project plan to reflect progress as you execute the project.
  • Monitor project progress in the project plan.
  • Adjust the project plan to control constraints.
  • Create project reports to share a project’s status.
  • Customize project settings and share customizations with other projects


Lesson 1: Executing a Project

  •  Topic A: Enter Task Progress

  •  Topic B: Update Task Progress with SharePoint

  •  Topic C: Update Work

  •  Topic D: Update Costs

Lesson 2: Monitoring Project Progress

  •  Topic A: View Project Progress

  •  Topic B: Add Custom Fields

  •  Topic C: Create Custom Views

  •  Topic D: Create a Network Diagram

  •  Topic E: Analyze a Project Plan

Lesson 3: Controlling a Project Plan

  •  Topic A: Edit the Task List

  •  Topic B: Reschedule Tasks

  •  Topic C: Update a Baseline

Lesson 4: Reporting on Progress

  •  Topic A: Format and Share a Chart View

  •  Topic B: View Existing Reports

  •  Topic C: Create Custom Reports

  •  Topic D: Create a Visual Report

Lesson 5: Customizing the Application

  •  Topic A: Change Project Options

  •  Topic B: Create a Project Plan Template

  •  Topic C: Share Resources

  •  Topic D: Link Project Plans

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