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Our Google Ads (AdWords) course is aimed at professionals looking to improve their understanding of PPC and Google Ads. You may be looking to increase your knowledge so you can work better with your agency or you may be directly responsible for running your own campaigns and looking to improve their performance. This course will empower you to do both efficiently.

Walk away with the ability to:

  • Explain the mechanics of how the bidding auction works
  • Create campaigns and ad groups with a full understanding of the different settings
  • Choose the right keyword match types and use them to ensure you efficiently capture all relevant searches
  • Write compelling ad copy and implement all the basic ad extensions at your disposal
  • Pull reports and execute standard imitation techniques in order to improve the performance of a campaign i.e. keyword mining and bid adjustment


NOTE:  The Google Ads (AdWords) certification exam cost is FREE and administered directly from Google for those that want to earn their certifcation.  You'll also earn a digital badge that can be displayed online.


What is PPC How are SEO and PPC different?

The Search Engine Landscape The key search players Key targeting features How does PPC work? Key metrics

Quality Score How quality score is calculated Quality score benefits What influences Quality Score Click Through Rate Relevancy Landing page quality How quality score affects your CPC How the Google Ads auction works

PPC Best Practice How are search accounts structured? What’s a campaign? What’s an ad group? What’s a keyword? What’s an ad? Campaign vs. ad group Optimisation levers

Keywords Generation keyword ideas Google Keyword Planner Keyword match types Close variants Broad match modified Negative keywords Using negatives intelligently Keyword mining

Campaign Structure Campaign and Ad group best practice

Ad Copy What are text ads? Anatomy of Google Ads ad copy Tips for writing good ads Ad extensions Ad disapprovals

Optimization Bid management Landing pages Ad copy Campaign settings Keywords

Optimization Schedule Daily, weekly and monthly tasks Common mistakes

Campaign Setup Walkthrough Campaign setup Ad group setup

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