About this Course

Skills covered include:

  • Data wrangling
  • Data exploration
  • Data visualization
  • Mathematical computing
  • Web scraping
  • Hypothesis building
  • Python programming concepts
  • NumPy and SciPy package
  • ScikitLearn package for Natural Language Processing



Course Content

  • Data Science with Python
  • Course 
  • Data Science 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Statistical Analysis and Business Applications
  • Python Environment Setup and Essentials
  • Mathematical Computing with Python (NumPy)
  • Scientific computing with Python (Scipy)
  • Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • Machine Learning with Scikit–Learn
  • Natural Language Processing with Scikit Learn
  • Data Visualization in Python using matplotlib (Python plotting library)
  • Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup
  • Python integration with Hadoop MapReduce and Spark Practice Projects


Although not required, to best understand the Python Data Science course, it is recommended that you begin with the self-paced training courses (included for free with enrollment in this course) including:

  • Introduction to Data Science in Python
  • Math Refresher
  • Data Science in Real Life
  • Statistics Essentials for Data Science

If you're completely new to a programming language in general, we strongly recommend our Python Programming course.  Although Python fundamentals are covered in this Data Science course it may require a deeper knowledge of Python in general.  If you're not sure, please discuss with a MicroTrain representative before enrollment.

Exam Details

Exam PCAP-30-XX: Certified Associate in Python Programming

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