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About this Course

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe and explain the various intrusion detection technologies and evasive techniques
  • Design a Cisco IDS protection solution for small, medium, and enterprise customers
  • Identify the Cisco IDS Sensor platforms and describe their features
  • Install and configure a Cisco IDS Sensor including a network appliance and IDS module
  • Tune and customize Cisco IDS signatures to work optimally in specific environments
  • Configure a Cisco IDS Sensor to perform device management of supported blocking devices
  • Describe the Cisco IDS signatures and determine the immediate threat posed to the network
  • Perform maintenance operations such as signature updates, software upgrades, data archival and license updates
  • Describe the Cisco IDS architecture including supporting services and configuration files
  • Monitor a Cisco IDS protection solution for small and medium networks
  • Manage a large scale deployment of Cisco IDS Sensors with Cisco IDS Management software
  • Monitor a large scale deployment of Cisco IDS Sensors with Cisco IDS Monitoring software

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