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About this Course

About AWS DevOps Training Course

AWS DevOps Training course is curated by the industrial experts to help you develop your skills both in AWS and DevOps. The training will make you an expert in various on-demand aspects including Infrastructure-as-a-Code, CI/CD pipeline, Immutable Infrastructure, Deployment Strategies, Containers, etc. and you will learn how to implement these principles on AWS platform using services such as Code-Suite services, CloudFormation, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Container Service, etc. Also, several case studies and hands-on projects have been included in the training to ensure that each learner is able to ponder all that is required in AWS and DevOps.


AWS DevOps Training Course Content

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing & AWS
  • Database services
  • Object Storage
  • Autoscaling and load balancing
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Application services, AWS Lambda and CLI
  • IAM and monitoring
  • Configuration management and automation
  • Architecting AWS – whitepaper
  • AWS Architect Questions
  • AWS Migration
  • AWS Security
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Introduction to Devops
  • Software Version Control
  • Containerization using Docker - Part I
  • Containerization using Docker - Part II
  • Configuration Management using Puppet
  • Configuration Management using Ansible
  • Continuous Testing using Selenium
  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins
  • Continuous Orchestration using Kubernetes
  • Continuous Monitoring using Nagios
  • DevOps on AWS

AWS DevOps Projects What projects I will be working on this AWS DevOps training?

Project 1 : Deploying a Multi-tier website using AWS EC2 Industry :  Internet related Problem Statement : How to scale a website fast using AWS without the upfront cost Topics : In this AWS project you will launch an EC2 instance without the need to invest in hardware up front, so you can develop and deploy applications faster. You can use Amazon EC2 to launch as many or as few virtual servers as you need, configure security and networking, and manage storage. Amazon EC2 enables you to scale up or down to handle changes in requirements or spikes in popularity, reducing your need to forecast traffic. Highlight : Launch an EC2 Instance Enable Auto Scaling of EC2 Create an RDS Instance Allow traffic from EC2 to RDS Instance

Project 2 : Website Orchestration Industry : Internet related Problem Statement : How to orchestrate a website with lesser time and higher availability along with autoscaling. Topics : In this AWS project you will deploy a high-availability PHP application with an external Amazon RDS database to Elastic Beanstalk. Running a DB instance external to Elastic Beanstalk decouples the database from the lifecycle of your environment. This lets you connect to the same database from multiple environments, swap one database for another, or perform a blue/green deployment without affecting your database. Highlight : Launch a DB instance in Amazon RDS Create an Elastic Beanstalk Environment Configure Security Groups and Scaling

Project 3 : Containerizing various frameworks and NGINX Application using Docker. Industry : General Problem Statement : How to integrate the software projects deployed in diverse environments using Docker. Topics : In this Docker project you will containerize the software running in different environment like Node.Js, MongoDB, NGINX, and ASP.NET. You will first setup these frameworks and the NGINX application on Docker container and then run them on the individual containers. Highlights Setup Node.Js on Docker container Pull NGINX image from Docker hub Deploy PowerShell & Hyper-V.


Recommened students earn Associate level certificaions in either AWS Certified Developer or AWS Certified SysOps Administration.

Exam Details

AWS Exam: DOP-C01 - AWS - Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

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