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MicroTrain’s 3-day Certified Business Analysis - IIBA Exam Prep course instructor-led course is designed to teach the business analysis framework necessary for success on the exam and on the job. 

Microtrain has been helping professionals achieve certifications since 1999. We offer certified instructors, in-classroom instruction, supplemental training materials valued at over $200 and the Microtrain Exam Pass Guarantee. 

To be eligible for the CCBA® certification, you must first meet specific education and experience requirements and adhere to a professional code of conduct. (See below for details.)

Course Format

A combination of live instructor-led lecture facilitated discussion and exercises, and numerous practice test questions contribute to successful exam readiness. In-class assignments and instructor-led reviews are designed to help you understand, not just memorize key business analysis concepts.

Course Materials

Each participant will receive the following course materials:

Comprehensive Student Workbook

  • Covers all the Knowledge Areas, tasks, guidelines, tools and techniques along with practice questions

BABOK Guide 3.0

  • Paper version for classroom use
  • .pdf version for an additional resource (available with your IIBA membership)

"How to Talk BA" book

  • Handy size summary of over 300 critical business analysis terms
  • Great resource for all levels and anyone associated with business analysis
  • Includes references to the BABOK® Guide v3 - - Includes examples to clarify and make the terms practical
  • Essential for mastering terms when preparing for the ECBA/CCBA/CBAP exams

FREE Mini-Subscription to Exam Simulator

  • Realistic questions, similar in tone and quality to the actual exam, to reduce surprises and increase confidence when you sit for the exam
  • 3 categories of questions: Warm-ups, Drills, and full-length Simulations providing unlimited practice tests
  • Online Assessment System with similar features as Prometric Assessment System
  • Instant detailed feedback on every question with reference numbers to explain both correct and incorrect answers and solidify retention
  • Review the questions and answers of any exam you have taken
  • Stop and start your exams according to your schedule, regardless of which device you use
  • Available 24/7 from the moment you sign up, so you can study anytime, anywhere
  • Practice on the go! The Online Study Exams are cloud-based, so you can access it from any computer or device, including Apple, Windows, and Android tablets—anywhere.


CCBA Exam Blueprint Outline

CCBA recognizes BA professionals who have two to three years of business analysis experience. 

Aligned to the BABOK® Guide v3 Knowledge Areas, the CCBA exams will be weighted as follows:  

 Domain  CCBA  Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring 12%   Elicitation and Collaboration 20%   Requirements Life Cycle Management 18%   Strategy Analysis 12%   Requirements Analysis and Design Definition 32%   Solution Evaluation 6%


Exam Eligibility Requirements

Click on each one of the following requirements to uncover more information:  
Minimum of 3,750 hours in the last 7 years
Minimum of 21 hours in the last 4 years ** ** This course provides all 21 business analysis education hours PLUS an additional 3 hours of in-class exam preparation
4. Agreement with the CCBA® Code of Conduct   
For answers to additional questions on Eligibility Requirements, please visit IIBA's FAQ page.


Tips for Exam Success

This is an intensive exam preparation course, so students should not expect the class to end early. Classes are expected to start and end promptly and students who arrive late or leave early will miss exam-related information.

In preparation for the best success in earning the CCBA® certification, take these steps before the course begins:

  • Create or update your TheProfessional.me profile for access to all class information details, exam preparation learning aids and class notifications
  • Complete or mostly complete your CCBA® exam application. The best way to prepare and submit your application is to do so online at IIBA's website
  • Members of IIBA have access to a free copy of the BABOK Guide online. Students are advised to read the BABOK Guide prior to class. 

Exam Details

Exam CCBA: Certification of Capability in Business Analysis™

The CCBA® exam is 3 hours long and consists of 130 multiple choice questions. The questions are scenario-based (i.e. the candidate must do a bit of analysis to arrive at the answer). It is competency-based and aligned with BABOK® Guide Version 3.  Visit the BABOK® Guide webpage to acquire your copy or acquire a FREE PDF version with an IIBA membership.

To help you prepare for the exam, review the following:

Exam Information Summary

Exam Code CCBA
  • 2 references from a career manager, client, or CBAP® recipient
  • 21 hours of Professional Development in last 4 years (covered in MicroTrain course)
  • 3,750 hours of business analysis work experience within the last 7 years. 
  • 900+ hours in 2 of the 6 knowledge areas 


          500+ hours  in 4 of the knowledge areas

Number of Questions 130
Passing Score N/A
Types of Questions Multiple choice
Length of Test 3 hours
Exam Results Immediate


IIBA Membership Fee  $125 USD
Application Fee

$125 USD

Exam Fee $325 USD

Exam Cancellation

If you need to cancel your exam, refer to the Exam Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy.


If you are a WIOA client, you must follow MicroTrain's application and exam payment process.

Otherwise, you pay for the application and exam fee per IIBA requirements as stipulated above. 

Exam Pass Guarantee

At Microtrain we are committed to your success! Let us show you the return you get from great tech training. We will personally guarantee that if you take our class and follow our program you will be successfully certified!

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