Hump Day Hunting Help: March 2, 2011

by Kassandra McGhee on March 2nd, 2011

Tip of the Week:  Don’t Skip The Research

I know you’re looking for a job, but are you really looking for the right job?   Looking for the right opportunity that meets your needs goes beyond what the job description says.  It’s also about researching the company, the company culture, their product, etc.  And why?  To make sure this job is a good fit for you!  And besides, it will help you build that list of all-important interview questions to ask during any interviews you may land with the company.  And besides that, it shows the company that you are interested in them specifically, diligent and already making a personal investment in who they are.      

And what else to consider?  If you’re going to invest the majority of your “awake hours” somewhere, wouldn’t you like to know as much as possible about the organization to insure you are making a wise investment? 

Well, taking the time to research a company is just like soundly investing in your future. It will pay off!

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