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Adobe® InDesign® CS6 Level 1


8 Hours
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Adobe® InDesign®CS6 offers tools to customize, style, and format professional-looking page layouts and designs. The program has all the tools necessary to format pages of uniform text, create layouts with alternate size configurations, and customize text and graphics.

Who benefits from Adobe® InDesign® CS6 Level 1?

  • Anyone in charge of marketing, graphic design, or visual communications who wishes to use InDesign to create professional-looking visual media
  • Anyone who has or wishes to have marketing or design responsibilities and wants to master the InDesign program
  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to use the basic tools and features of InDesign for creating professional page layouts and designs

About This Course

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the elements of the InDesign interface
  • Create a new document
  • Customize a document by using graphics, colors, and styles
  • Manage page elements
  • Build a table
  • Prepare a document for delivery

After this course, students will be prepared to move on to Adobe® InDesign® CS6 Level 2.

WIOA Approved Training Course


Getting Started with InDesign

  • Identify Components of the InDesign Interface
  • Customize the InDesign Interface
  • Use the Navigation Controls
  • Set Preferences

Designing a Document

  • Create a New Document
  • Add Text to a Document
  • Add Graphics to a Document

Customizing a Document

  • Format Characters and Paragraphs
  • Apply Colors, Swatches, and Gradients
  • Create and Apply Styles

Working with Page Elements

  • Arrange and Align Objects
  • Use Layers
  • Transform and Manipulate Objects
  • Thread Text Frames
  • Edit Text

Building Tables

  • Create a New Table
  • Modify a Table Structure
  • Format a Table

Preparing a Document for Delivery

  • Resolve Errors in a Document
  • Print a Document
  • Package a Document
  • Export Files for Printing
  • Export Files for the Web

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